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Cranleigh House offers Vegetarian Bed & Breakfast with Healthy Add ons, Yoga & techniques for self & planetary healing. Cranleigh House is owned & run by Katherine Armitage & her partner Stewart Johnston.


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Cranleigh House is going through a spiritual transition, as ever! we are in the process of building our new website, watch this space.....

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We aim to empower you to enjoy better health & to open up to a new range of possibilities for a happier more fulfilling & dynamic life but we will no longer be running our Naturopathic Retreats.

We bring together all the elements to create a personal  holiday for you. For more details of our year round/ongoing Bed & Breakfast with 'Add Ons' programme including yoga, walking & other elements please see our diary of activities page.


We would like to welcome you to our friendly, B&B in the heart of Combe Martin, close to Ilfracombe, on the North Devon Coast. We offer retreats, Yoga classes, natural and complementary therapies, healing & other spiritual activities. We are five minutes walk from the sea, beautiful coastal walks, Exmoor National Park and village shops.

This is the ideal environment for rejuvenating yourself with natural therapies and home cooked  breakfasts, walking & relaxing on the beach in the summer or in front of the fire in the winter.  Enjoy our Yoga Classes (private or group) or our other healthy and spiritual courses ranging from Karma Yoga, to help the world or Women's Empowerment Weekends. We run these courses when we have a group of six people who would  like to attend.

This is a comfortable house where you can be away from the world for a few days or a couple of weeks.  We only take a small  number of guests. We provide vegetarian food, some organic & some home grown. We cater for many special diets, that are available by request.


We are a grassroots school of healing & yoga, giving people the tools to keep themselves, their families and friends healthy, fit, balanced & empowered.

Cranleigh HousE Katherine ArmitageCranleigh House Healing and Yoga School came into being when Katherine Armitage MLCHom moved her Homeopathic Practice from Health Foods, Fulham, London. She had worked in the shop as a health advisor to customers for 10 years.

 In 2008 she moved to Cranleigh House, Combe Martin on the North Devon coast. At the time she was teaching  homeopathy for the Lakeland College of Homeopathy in London, and students came for homeopathic clinical training to Devon.

Not finding that Homeopathy had all the answers for clients that she was working with, she did further studies in cleansing and naturopathic techniques with Peter Hinde www.bodyelectronics.co.uk. The fusion of Homeopathy, Flower Essences, Naturopathic techniques and Yoga makes a very powerful combination system of healing which she is passionate to share with as many people as possible.

wild pear beachKatherine found that she was often saying the same thing to clients and discovered that the best way to educate people in homeopathic principles was to run courses, giving the basic information on homeopathy to groups of clients, and interested people, so that they could inform themselves about how this wonderful system of healing works without paying for lots of individual consultations.

Then she started to hold homeopathy support or 'apprentice' style groups to consolidate the learning. Everyone in these groups benefits from the cases and experiences of everyone else. This interactive style of studying is very empowering as the members of the group reinforce and help each other. It is particularly important in the case of understanding homeopathy, with its principles which are based in the space age science of the 'New Physics', which is a rather different way of thinking, that can take a while to get used to. Many people do not know the difference between homeopathy, (which uses potentised remedies from plant, mineral and animal sources), aromatherapy, ( which uses essential oils of plant origin) and reflexology ( which uses application of pressure to feet & hands with specific thumb, finger & hand techniques).

Katherine teaches in such a way as to empower individuals, families and friends to help themselves and take responsibility for their own healing.

Katherine enjoys sharing and teaching 'self-care' healing tools so that everyone can feel inspired to enjoy a better level of health and wellness and overcome mild and debilitating illness which seems to affect so many people in this age. Our sister company ''Mother Earth's Minerals' was also set up to help people to improve their health by remineralising their soil & growing fully vibrant fruit & vegetables.

Katherine trained in Sivananda Yoga in 2003 with the Sivananda Yoga organisation www.sivananda.co.uk. Katherine & Stewart completed their training as Kundalini Yoga teachers in 2013 with www.anahata.org.

Katherine & Stewart are passionate about Yoga, and practicing regularly, to give ourselves the strength of body, mind and spirit to help us in what the Yogis call 'Kali Yuga', 'The Age of Destruction'. We are being asked to let go of much dross, in this age, so that we can be perfect channels for Divine Light to flow through us! Wahe Guru! As the Kundalini Yogis say, 'How great is the light in the darkness!'

    praying on Holdstone Down                           

Holdstone Down, Exmoor, an area of outstanding natural beauty, is only a stone's throw away.

Helping solve First world problems

Please contact us if you would like to join our 'Prayer partners network' inspired by the Magnificent Yogi Master George King, who practiced Yoga for many hours a day & developed a technique of dynamic prayer which invokes energy that changes world energy for the better & saves lives.
Dynamic Prayer is a way of directing energy from one point, the person who is praying, to their chosen destination. It is a form of positive energy manipulation and everyone can do it! It is like giving  Reiki out  to the world. Sounds a bit religious? well it is scientific as well. True religion is scientific.  If a butterfly flaps its wings in Australia it changes the wind currents in the UK, so imagine how much positive energy can be created by a few people sending out 'high vibes' from our local charged mountain 'Holdstone Down'!  Don't believe us? Come & have a go and feel the energy for yourselves!
You've heard of sponsoring a child or an animal, NOW  you can  sponsor someone to  pray for world peace & healing! If you can't make it down to Holdstone Down yourself, you can pay for someone else to stay with us for B&B plus one of our 'Spiritual Add Ons' enabling them to visit a Holy Mountain to send out energy & create some positive Karma for the world on your behalf. Please call us for details 07985928461. Let's build up 'Karmic Kredit' to offset the spiritual energy crisis in our world.

Contact: cranleighhouse1@btinternet.com or call us on 01271889325

General information about Cranleigh House & what we do.:

Cranleigh House Healing Centre and Bed and BreakfastKatherine bought this house as it is close to the natural power centre Holdstone Down on Exmoor and my aim is to facilitate as many people, to act as channels, to send out love energy, from the top of this mountain, to our suffering world as possible. The pile of stones, (cairn) on the top is now known locally as 'The Jesus Rocks', due to the history of the Master Jesus being seen on Holdstone Down and His association with other places in the west country for example Sister's Fountain on  Countisbury Hill, Glastonbury & St Just in Roseland, Cornwall.

Now visitors to Holdstone Down bring a rock to add to the growing pile, which luckily, gives shelter to people who come to pray on the top!

Video Clips of Master of Yoga: Dr. George King

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Yoga Master - George King on Holdstone Down

Operation Prayer Power Introduction

The History of Cranleigh House & The Magdala Centre

Cranleigh House was owned and run as a healing centre and metaphysical study centre in the early 1960's by Mary King, mother of my Spiritual Guru the English Self-Realised Master of YOGA George King. He advocated 'Karma Yoga' the Yoga of Service to Humanity and he used Holdstone Down extensively for many Missions dedicated to service to the world. You can read more about him on www.aetherius.org . I am a devotee of George King and the Cosmic Masters/Angels from other planets that he worked with.

 He devised a Mission to help humanity that he called, 'Operation Prayer Power.' This Mission combines the traditional yogas of Bhakti & Karma Yoga to invoke energy that can be stored in a 'Spiritual Energy Battery' or sent out using a device also invented by George King called a 'Spiritual Energy Radiator' to create positive vibes where they are most needed. For example they can be sent to war zones, peace talks or areas where natural disaster has struck. Anyone can join in this Mission once they have learnt the techniques that are used. Prayer Power is performed on Holdstone Down on July 23rd, or the Saturday following, every year.

Mary King opened Cranleigh House on July 3rd 1960 on a directive from The Master Jesus. In 'The Magdala Centre' booklet, which dates from that time. it is stated 'The work of the Centre is to give free training to any person seriously desiring to learn the great Cosmic Truths; who will, after training, teach others. Also for Spiritual Healing to all who may come to it for help'. On page nine of the booklet it says, 'Many pilgrimages have been made to Holdstone Down and the pilgrims have visited 'The Magdala Centre' and have gained in Knowledge and Wisdom through the many manifestations which have been experienced there.'  We aim to carry on the traditions started here by Mary King and supported by her son Dr George King, Founder President of the Aetherius Society.

Following  in the footsteps of Mary King we provide a venue for healing, yoga classes & workshops and a B&B/retreat for those who need to retire from the world, for a short  time, to  recover their strength and health or to have a holiday in beautiful surroundings, benefiting from  good vegetarian, vegan or raw food. Our maximum stay is 3 weeks. You can attend retreats that will teach you how to 'cleanse and purify' yourself, according to the principles of the great yogis & naturopaths. You can also benefit from different alternative health advice and treatments from Homeopathy to Massage or Reflexology, from us or local practitioners  .

Please click here for our Practitioners & Therapies page

Who we are:

We are a community of like minded people who have come together with similar aims and objectives; a love of our Mother Earth and a love for humanity in general and a wish to see people enjoy good  health and happiness and to reach their full creative potential in their lives.

We believe in self care, caring for others & our beautiful planet, self responsibility and self empowerment.

We have dedicated our lives to the service of humanity and our planet aiming to connect more & more with the Divine Power within to guide us on our paths.


What some of our visitors have said:

"Thank you for sharing your knowledge & passion for life" "Amazing place with an amazing host. Combe Martin rocks!"

'Turned up a month ago with a pair of pants and a toothbrush in my pocket, leaving today with a complete new mindset on how my body works, reacts and responds. Thank you' Mark Bedford

'lovely energy in this house, I feel much better for staying here'. Arabella London

"A fabulous 3 day stay, one of the most hospitable places I have ever stayed" - David, Yorkshire

"This retreat was worth every penny spent. Our hosts Katherine and Stewart were what I would say, "The perfect host", with good food, accomodation, company, one of my best retreats that I have been on for many a long day and life". - PD London

"Mrs Healthy and Mr Armitage are the best English people I know, I'm very grateful that we came to your family". - Sofia, Sweden

"I felt like I was walking on a cloud, I felt so good for two days after my first yoga class" - Diane, Scotland

We are environmentally aware. We recycle and we have solar powered hot water. We filter our drinking water and we have Grander technology.

If you are experiencing conditions such as an aversion to your normal working day or city life, or you'd like a restful country break, we may very well be able to help.

       praying on Holdstone Down                                      


We are within easy reach of Barnstaple, Ilfracombe and Lynton on the North Devon bus route. Come and visit the North Devon Coast designated as an area of outstanding natural beauty, with Exmoor National  Park and the beach close by.

Katherine Armitage is the director of Cranleigh House. She works closely with her friends: Stewart Johnston, Brigid Hurley, Rob Wood, Christian & Bek Young.

My top YOGI Guru Inspirers are Sri Yogiriji George King www.aetherius.org ; Swami Sivananda www.sivananda.co.uk ; & Yogi Bhajan www.yogibhajan.org

Cranleigh House, High Street, Combe Martin, Ilfracombe, Devon, EX34 0EP Tel 01271 889325 m.07985928461    cranleighhouse1@btinternet.com www.cranleighhousehealing.co.uk

Cranleigh House B&B for YOGA, Retreats & Holidays & for a range of courses on health, detoxification, self & planetary healing, and a combination of these elements. We aim to empower you to enjoy better health &  to open up to a new range of possibilities for a happier more fulfilling & dynamic life.


Cranleigh House, High Street, Combe Martin, Ilfracombe, Devon EX34 0EP Tel 01271889325 m 07985928461