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Beautiful paths and the sea, to uplift your spirit, just minutes from our front door .

 A selection of spectacular walks from our doorstep

south west coastal path walks at cranleigh house combe martin

A selection of wonderful walks from the doorstep of Cranleigh House

Short easy walks:

a.     From Cranleigh House down  to the sea and back

b.    From Cranleigh House to St Peter’s church and back.


combe martin bay walk cranleigh house bnb  walk cranleigh house bnb

Combe Martin Bay

Key to walks: Level 1: relatively easy. Level 2: intermediate. Level 3:  challenging.

Walk One: Cranleigh House to Little Hangman viewpoint

Time: One and a quarter hours there and back. One and a half hours if you stop to enjoy the views!

Level 3:  A steep hill, a stile, slippery stream/path worth it for the fabulous view

From Cranleigh House, turn right, walk 2 minutes and turn left up Shute Lane, take the next left into West Challacombe Lane, walk up this quiet lane to the National Trust Holiday house: West Challacombe Farm. In the banks are beautiful wild flowers. Turn left at the farm and go through the large wooden five bar gate up the stream/path (it is both depending on what the weather is doing). Wind up to the top and go over the style and enjoy the wonderful view down to Wild Pear Beach.  Take the path up the hill to your right and keep climbing up. It is a pretty steep climb, with lovely views down over the sea and cliffs and inland over the green hills of Combe Martin.  When you emerge from the gorse bushes you turn left and keep walking up to the summit of Little Hangman. From here you can see all the way down the coast in both directions. Exhilarating. Come back down the hill and instead of going back over the stile you can take a right along the cliffs until you reach a gate. Turn left and progress down the steep steps to West Challacombe Lane. Turn right and follow back to Cranleigh House.

Edible plants: sheep sorrel, wood sorrel, wild watercress and strawberries, navel wort and garlic, depending on the season.

walk cranleigh house bnb great hangman   walk cranleigh house bnb

View over Little Hangman                            View over to Holdstone Down

Walk Two: A variation on walk one, taking you down the winding cliff path to Wild Pear Beach.

The steps have washed away at the bottom and someone has kindly installed a rope to hang onto as you slide down the shale to the beach.

The beach is spectacular, it is a naturist beach if you like skinny dipping.

Same level and same difficulties as Walk 1 above.

wild pear beach tide out walk cranleigh house bnb  broadsands beach tide in walk cranleigh house bnb


Wild Pear Beach/Broadsands Beach: tide in and tide out.

Walk 3:  Circular walk via the beach, up to the cliffs and back down steps through the sheep fields and along the lane to Cranleigh House.

Time: One hour

Level 3: A steep hill from the sea up to the cliffs, steep steps down to the village again, no stiles.

From Cranleigh House walk down to the beach, (there are various ways to do this that you will see on the maps we have here). Walk up through the car park behind the beach and climb up Cobblers   (the lovely green grass hill overlooking the sea). Continue up and along the coast path, enjoying views over the sea and inland. Walk along until you reach a gate, take the right hand path immediately before the gate and take the steep steps down to West Challacombe Lane, turn right. When you reach the T junction take a right down onto the High Street, turn left and Cranleigh House is immediately on your left.

combe matin bay walk cranleigh house bnb 


Walk 4: Cranleigh House circular walk up to Great Hangman back via Girt Farm and Knapp Down Lane.

Level 3: Steep Hills, slippery patches, stiles etc

Time: 3 hours

Details available at Cranleigh House

great hangman walk cranleigh house bnb  cairn holdstone down walk cranleigh house bnb

View from Great Hangman

Walk 5: Coastal Walk, Cranleigh House to the Holy site: Holdstone Down, Exmoor and back along the coast path. (our favourite as you get fabulous but different views along the coast in both directions and, the energy on top is exhilarating)

holdsten down veiw point walk cranleigh house bnb

View from Holdstone Down towards Lynton

Walk 5: Variation: from the summit of Holdstone Down back via Holdstone and Knappdown Farms along Badgaver and Skirhead Lanes to the High Street.

Level 3: Very Steep climbs up and down, stiles, slippery in places.

Details available at Cranleigh House

newberry beach walk cranleigh house bnb 

Newberry Beach, Combe Martin

Walk 6: Lime Kiln Circular with village and sea views.

Time: One hour fast, longer slow.

Level: 2 Fairly steep climbs up and down. One stile.

From Cranleigh House turn left up the High Street, you will see The Pack o Cards pub on your right and just past this The Pet shop, take the next right down into Water Lane. Follow this track over the River Umber and notice the old lime kiln on your right hand side. The lane narrows into a path and goes up the hill along a rocky path enclosed with banks and trees. When you come out onto the farm track turn right and follow along until you see a path branching off to your right, which follows the hedge and trees. Beneath, a big oak tree climb over the stile and follow the footpath across the field. You will see the old lime kiln on your right side (it looks like a large ivy bush). Keep going until you reach the gate. Follow the path straight ahead and keep going until you find yourself at the top of the lane overlooking the beach. Follow the lane down and turn right on the beach road. Return via the High St to Cranleigh House. (You can stop for a cream  tea/ meal or snack, several places along the way….)

 walk cranleigh house bnb       combe martin walk cranleigh house bnb

View over the village and Little Hangman from the Lime Kiln field

Walk 6 variation: slightly longer time but same level of difficulty as Walk 6

Instead of branching off right and going over the stile into the lime kiln field. Carry straight on up the track to West Park Farm. Before you reach the farm there is a green field on your right, cut across this down to the corner where there is a gate. Follow this path down to the stream and walk along the stream through Crackalands Farm down to the beach road. Follow the road past the sea and up the High St to Cranleigh House.

Edible food: wild garlic, blackberries, elderberries, rosehips, depending on the season.

hillsborough walk cranleigh house bnb    ilfracombe bay walk cranleigh house bnb

View from the coast path to Hillsborough, Ilfracombe & Ilfracombe Harbour

Walk 7: Ilfracombe via coastal path and back. Spectacular views

Level 3: steep ups and downs, stiles, some slippery places

Time: One way, enjoying the views, up to 3 hours

Ilfracombe is a great town with a picturesque harbour, beaches, cafes and some quirky shops.

Details available at Cranleigh House

walk cranleigh house bnb    combe martin tide out walk cranleigh house bnb

View down towards Combe Martin from Little Hangman

Walk Level Information:

Level 1: Relatively easy: No steep hills, stiles or other big obstacles. There may be some slippery patches, rocky surfaces.

The only easy walks in Combe Martin are down to the beach and back, either down the high street or back through the lanes that run parallel to the High Street or via Water Lane,  along the river Umber to St Peter’s Church and back down the High Street past the Chippy.

Level 2: Intermediate:        Walks with hills, some obstacles eg Styles and slippery surfaces.

Level 3: Challenging:    These walks are for the fit and well prepared walker, steep ups and downs, obstacles and other excitements like steep cliffs on one side of the path.


If you have transport there are many other walks in the area but it is quite possible to stay at Cranleigh House for a week and try a new walk every day.

Local places that you can reach by bus to walk from:

1.     Ilfracombe

2.     Lynton and Lynmouth

3.     Woolacombe

Please bear in mind that these walks need to be planned as most buses do not run on Sundays or Bank Holidays and the services often end in the afternoon about 5pm

holdstone down walk cranleigh house bnb


walk cranleigh house bnb great hangman

View up to Great Hangman

Practicalities: We welcome walkers at all times of the year.

Drop off and pick up at the beginning and end of walks is usually available. We have an airing cupboard to dry boots and a drying area for wet clothes.

"To walk safely through the maze of human life, one needs the light of wisdom and the guidance of virtue." - Buddha

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