About Camino School:

yoga at cranleigh house camino schoolWe are a grassroots school of healing & yoga, giving people the tools to keep themselves, their families and friends healthy, fit, balanced & empowered. We also teach people George King’s Yoga tools, a combination of Bhakti & Karma Yoga to actively work for world Peace. On the one hand we teach Self-Healing, to replenish our own vessel and on the other Planetary Healing techniques to enable us to change the world for the better. We pour the love from our continuously replenishing vessel out to the world. At the moment Katherine's Camino Orientation Consultations, Stewart's Kundalini Yoga Classes & Private Yoga classes are the practical options as part of the school that we offer to help people improve the quality of their lives.

History of Camino School

cranleigh House Camino School, Yoga, Kundalinis yoga classesOriginally Cranleigh House Karma Yoga School, now morphed into Cranleigh House Camino School, came into being when Katherine Armitage MLCHom moved her Homeopathic Practice from Health Foods, Fulham, London. She had worked in the shop as a health advisor to customers for 10 years. In 2008 she and Stewart moved to Cranleigh House, Combe Martin on the North Devon coast. At the time she was teaching homeopathy for the Lakeland College of Homeopathy in London, and students came for homeopathic clinical training to Devon. Not finding that Homeopathy had all the answers for clients that she was working with, she did further studies in cleansing and naturopathic techniques with Peter Hinde www.bodyelectronics.co.uk  The fusion of Homeopathy, Flower Essences, Naturopathic techniques and Yoga makes a very powerful combination system of healing which she is passionate to share with as many people as possible. Katherine found that she was often saying the same thing to clients and discovered that the best way to educate people in homeopathic principles was to run courses, giving the basic information on homeopathy to groups of clients, and interested people, so that they could inform themselves about how this wonderful system of healing works without paying for lots of individual consultations. Then she started to hold homeopathy support or 'apprentice' style groups to consolidate the learning. Everyone in these groups benefits from the cases and experiences of everyone else. This interactive style of studying is very empowering as the members of the group reinforce and help each other. It is particularly important in the case of understanding homeopathy, with its principles which are based in the space age science of the 'New Physics', which is a rather different way of thinking; that can take a while to get used to. Many people do not know the difference between homeopathy, (which uses potentised remedies from plant, mineral and animal sources), aromatherapy, (which uses essential oils of plant origin) and reflexology (which uses application of pressure to feet & hands with specific thumb, finger & hand techniques). The word ‘homeopathy’ comes from the Greek and means ‘similar suffering’ which is another way of saying ‘like treats like’

Katherine teaches in such a way as to empower individuals, families and friends to help themselves and take responsibility for their own healing. She runs ‘apprentice style groups’ as the demand arises. She enjoys sharing and teaching 'self-care' healing tools so that everyone can feel able to enjoy a better level of health and wellness and overcome mild or debilitating illness which seems to affect so many people in this age. Our sister company 'Mother Earth's Minerals' was also set up to help people to improve their health by remineralising their soil & growing fully vibrant fruit & vegetables.

Our Training:

yoga at camino school devonKatherine trained in Sivananda Yoga in 2003 with the Sivananda Yoga organisation www.sivananda.co.uk. Katherine & Stewart completed their training as Kundalini Yoga teachers in 2013 with www.anahata.org. Katherine & Stewart are passionate about Yoga, and practicing regularly, to give themselves the strength of body, mind and spirit to help them, in what the Yogis call 'Kali Yuga', 'The Age of Destruction'. We are being asked to let go of much dross, in this age, so that we can be perfect channels for Divine Light to flow through us! Wahe Guru! As the Kundalini Yogis say, 'How great is the light in the darkness!' For 20 years Katherine & Stewart have both been students of The Self Realized English Master of Yoga: George King, the work we do at Cranleigh House and Camino Earth are inspired by his shining example. www.aetherius.org

Cranleigh House, High Street, Combe Martin, Ilfracombe, Devon EX34 0EP Tel 01271889325 m 07985928461