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Airbnb Reviews from 2017


Testimonials from our 2014 Solstice Christmas Retreat & 2014-2015 New Year Yoga & Walking Retreat

A special home which suits special people from breathing to  cooking every day has love inside it. Cranleigh House invites an opportunity for everyone to be seen & felt as themselves. Calm,  protected & all hearts shared I have met some special people on my stay here. I have shared special moments with them. I have accomplished everything I have come here for & more. Moving forward has never been easier. I will never forget or fail Cranleigh House. Thanks 'Team Christmas 2014'  Matt Williams, Wales https://twitter.com/mattbamboomw

This retreat drew to it exactly the right people who needed to be here. The quality of what was provided by Katherine, Stewart, Matt, Genevieve & George was absolutely excellent & first class in every way. The food was wonderful, the walks uplifting & designed to really help me move forward, coupled with the meditations, the yoga & the heart shares & facilitated discussions throughout the retreat make for a wonderful break at every level. The love & skill with which it has been designed is sublime & the love & compassion with which it has been delivered have provided so much to us all. A real life changing week- beyond compare. Thank you so much. Finished off this evening with us all preparing our own personal 'vision boards,' superb. I have found it so powerful and so useful to me as a person. Much love to you all.

Philip Sweet  www.thepip.org  Management Improvement Strategist

Testimonials from 2013 to Present

"Before arriving, I was very curious to have this experience and now I can't believe that I stayed for 10 days. The day and night became a fantastic flow. I'll have in my heart a lot of fantastic emotions. The people, the place, the nature, sea, river, beach, hill and stone....everything is a charge of energy and desire of life. I hope (and I am sure) everything will take the best direction because everything is made for the love of good. Thank you very much for your hospitality and your friendship, thank you brothers and sisters."

"I don't know how to express what I feel....First of all, wonderful and really good people around - very positive, friendly, open and ready to do everything with others. From Katherine and Brigid I got many new (some really surprising) ideas relating to health, well-being and healing. During my stay I felt really relaxed, and the time I have spent here passed very quick. And of course a beautiful peace - the ocean, hills, plants (palms!)...I want to remember many of the moments I experienced here. It was also a great opportunity to do yoga and take part in classes run by Katherine. Definitely, one of my best stays. Katherine and Brigid, thank you, you are in my heart." -Aga, Germany

"We had a nice short time here and a very friendly humorous breakfast. I think this place is special and different to others. Sometimes it's difficult to understand people speaking English, but it's interesting to listen to them and we hope to learn the language. The breakfast was really tasty, so that we can start our trip through Exmoor landscape energized. This was one of the harmonious places. Sorry for all the written mistakes, my English isn't very good. I hope you understand the text. Now we travel on to see more of beautiful South-England. Thanks for a great time here." -Nathalie & Helmut, Germany.

"A truly amazing experience mind, body, spirit and bowels. Cannot thank you enough for all you have done for me and so many others. A genuine server!" -BV, Fulham

"Thank you Katherine for an amazing few weeks at Cranleigh House. Such a fabulous place, warm people and very neat, bramble free gardens. Thank you for your warmth, thank you for our chats, thank you for the love. Life seems to connect people and give us the experience we need at exactly the right time in our lives - this was no exception - Exactly what I needed! As one spiritual warrior to another may you continue to be blessed with all the light, love and joy on your journey. I will miss this place and the warmth and encouragment you've brought into my life. With warm hugs and boundless gratitude." -CH

"Thank you Katherine for the fantastic three weeks full of new experiences, knowledge and new skills. Thank you for this big bag of new ideas, tips and experience for my life! It was exactly the place I searched for and much more! Lots of peace and love." -Max, Germany

"It was a truly wonderful experience to stay at the Cranleigh house for a week - I enjoyed the company and conversation immensly, and will take away with me much new knowledge and many new ways of thinking that I was lucky enough to pick up here. As well as all that, I received unplanned but much needed help with a problem that has plagued me for months, and unexpectedly learned a lot about myself in the process. Thanks to Katherine's wealth of knowledge and inexhaustible compassion. Many thanks and may peace always fill this place!" -Atalaya

"Thank you very much for the warmth + calm + knowledge + caring! - you have created something from heaven in this phenomenal world. Will send all friends who seek/need the path. House of hope! All the best! Happy New Year."

"I had a great time here with you all, I particularly enjoyed the food you were so willing to share and Brigid's beautiful laughs and everybody's effort to understand our improbable English! I'm sure I will come back sooner or later. I wish you all the best." -Patricia

"Nice time in the house with all the people. Meeting these people was a good experience, but you have a plus with the countryside of Combe Martin (Wild Pear beach is amazing!!). Thanks to all the people and I hope to keep in touch." -MH, Spain

"Thank you for a lovely break, you have made us so welcome, we have felt like it was home! Looking forward to spending a lot more time here. Thank you." -Namoebe

"Katherine and Brigid, thank you for making me feel welcome and comfortable, you are lovely and generous. During this time you have given me the opportunity to have very interesting and incredible experiences. Surely, I will never forget my stay with you. I really appreciate your encouragement and interest to help me find my path. I wish you all the best in your future projects too. Hope to see you again someday in Cranleigh House, perhaps in another place or, who knows maybe in another life :)." -MG

"I passed a lovely three and a half weeks here and it has been like being at home! If home is where the heart is, a piece of my heart is here. Pleasant chats, very amazing food and the freedom to be yourself. Simply a place where I would like to return to. I could not thank you enough." -Simone, Italy.

"The most important things in life are difficult to explain in words. This can be one of them. The moment I saw Cranleigh House on the internet, I knew I wanted to come. My stay has been incredibly good. Here I have learned what unconditional love means. I met really amazing people and learned very important lessons for life, a complete transformation. It couldn't be better. Keep your good energy, heep healing, keep bringing, keep living.

Mila mila esker bihotzetik! Eskerrikasko! Many many thanks from my heart! Thank you! I wish you all the best!

Peace, love and freedom!" Ilazki

"I've learned so much during my time here, and I have the both of you to thank for that. I hope to return one day, but until then, I know we'll stay in touch. Thank you again for everything." -Monica

"Katherine and Brigid, thank you for all of your caring hospitality throughout my time at the Cranleigh House. We are thrilled you took us on such late notice and have had such a lovely time, both working and exploring the area. We hope to keep in contact to hear all of your stories and of your success. If you are ever in South Australia look us up!! All the best and thank you for all you have taught us, we have had a mignificent experience. Lots of love." -Hannah & Camille

"Thank you for a comfortable stay with a splendid English breakfast, now I have collected food energy to start walking on the South West Coast Path...Let's see how my experience with the Holdstone Down will be! Thanks for your advice and hints about the area! Warmest Wishes." -JM

"Katherine and Brigid - you have been so loving and supportive to me - which means a lot as I am a very sensitive soul, as you know! I hope we will keep in touch and I wish you all a very happy and successful future full of peace, fun and laughter!" -HK

Thank you for letting me stay at Cranleigh House with such short notice! I only expected a place to sleep and eat but experienced and learnt so much more, from your generosity to your knowledge of spiritual growth. I had no idea that in two weeks of staying here I would have learnt so much from everyone that lives here. I hope from my experiences here that I can take a little of your life away with me and incorporate it into my everyday life. This is the beauty of travelling and meetig unique and exciting people in this world, like yourselves. Good luck with all your porjects!" -Teresa

"Katherine, Brigid, thank you very much for having me here. It has been good to eat healthy vegetables and live across the road from the library. It has been nice to drink a lot of tea. Thank you for helping me to be more positive, and for the opportunity to explore Ilfracombe and the market. I met some great people here. I liked my room, it was nice. Thank you for all you taught me. With lots of love and kisses." -Cate. 


Testimonials from 2008 to 2012

"It was great to come back a second time. ..Just thinking for future weeks, might be an idea to create a recipe book. We had so many different combinations this week, which were really successful, would be good to record that." -AD, Bristol

"I was fed up with my weight. I’d better not tell you how much money I have spent on diets, therapies & counselling in the last two years. This is in the end is cheaper." -MK, UK

"I was looking for direction & inspiration on a spiritual, mental, emotional & physical level. All of these I feel have been touched this week. I am so grateful & joyful to have been part of this process. I have gained a greater & deeper understanding into myself and through the mirroring of my spirit & body I have had profound realisations. Accommodation: Great, comfy. Food: really good & creative." -MS, London

"The cleanse is what I wanted (based on my previous experience of a cleansing). It was more intensive in some ways, which was a little daunting to begin with but I soon became very comfortable with. I think the week ran very well and everyone helped join in with communal things. I was very happy with the accommodation, a very homely atmosphere; I felt at home very quickly, thank you." -EA, London

"It was a pleasure sharing the company of so many wonderful & caring people, all with a common purpose. All in all, the start of something really beneficial." -GD, Sunderland.

"My time doing the cleanse with Katherine, Stewart and Peter has been unexpected in so many ways. The first surprise is that I didn’t get any severe physical reactions, and discovered that cleansing can be an enjoyable process….. The other treatments available have facilitated those of us who wanted, to take the cleanse to a deeper level, leaving me feeling both physically and spiritually lighter. The overall experience has been a combination of a cleanse, an education in health and nutrition and a holiday in beautiful Devon countryside." -ML, London

"It has been wonderful to feel my creative urges bubbling up – I have written a long overdue newsletter which will go out on Monday. The week has fed my soul – with time to meditate, interesting people, and the stunning walks. It has been easy to feel a great sense of peace here." -AJ, Cambridgeshire

"This was the best week yet. Your attention to everyone’s needs never ceases to amaze me. The company, the good walks, the food compensate for those horrible drinks that one could so easily give up on." -AD, Bristol

Answers from our post cleanse questionnaire

Q: Have the process and the results of the cleanse been what you had hoped for?        

A: "Entirely"

Q:Has the accomodation & level of care been to your satisfaction?           

 A:"Superb, I will be back! If you want me." RD Bristol

What previous retreat guests have said

“Thank you very much for a beautiful environment & lovely atmosphere, very welcoming & full of love.” -JA, USA

“Thank you so much for everything, your caring hospitality, all the wonderful amenities, one is left wanting nothing.” -Joan, London

“This is a magical place evidenced by the general atmosphere pervading the whole house…There are the most informative books everywhere on things spiritual…..” -Seibert, London

“A fabulous three day stay, thank you very much. Quite depressed to be leaving in fact. One of the most hospitable places that I have ever stayed." -David, Leeds

“We found Cranleigh House and Katherine by mistake-but there are no mistakes. We’ll be back! Love the place.” -Heather, Croydon

“Excellent food, great hospitality.” -HS, London

“We have had a fantastic time, wonderful people, great conversation and a real sense of community & belonging, we have loved being here, sharing, cooking, laughing, eating & relaxing often all these things happening at the same time. Thank you.” -Mel, London

“By the way your bed is a cloud and I might steal it.” -Lisa London

“Brill veggie breakfast, soft comfy bed. Enjoyed the chatter & ambience.” -Terri Chelmsford

“Thank you for sharing your knowledge & passion for life.” -Karen, London

“Can’t believe that six days have flown over so quickly, of course so much has happened in that time!... The wonderful mix of like-minded characters who were brought together at this time….” -GD, Sunderland

“A lovely family feel to the place-welcoming & friendly- contact quite unique-delicious breakfast & comfortable bed-thank you for a lovely stay” -Phoebe, Bristol & Aydin, Turkey

 Feedback from Katherine’s Homeopathic tutorial groups

"For me your tutorials have been an incredible exploratory space which has helped me and I feel everyone in the group to personalise their own form of homeopathy. It is place where I feel I have brought together and consolidated my thoughts feelings and knowledge so that I really own it. I love that you have the versatility to allow the tutorial to roam onto new and often challenging territory and that you are able to bring the whole group on the journey. I have really enjoyed being able to explore things in such depth and to integrate the experiences and insights of the group with my own and this has added an additional dimension to my learning. I also really appreciate the way in which you incorporate and enable us to incorporate other disciplines and seemingly disparate elements of our lives into our understanding of homeopathy. In addition to that, which ever group I have come to has always felt welcoming and inviting, at once full of energy and ideas and relaxed. Thank you." -Catherine, London

"With regards to your tutorial groups, I have found them really useful this year. You were very supportive through my crisis of faith in homeopathy and helped me to see that it was perfectly normal at that stage of the course and that it would pass with time (which it did). You gave me some excellent advice and information when I discussed my cases in the group and your pointers were duly used and helped move each case along. I have found you to be unbiased and sensitive in your comments and opinions, and also a source of seemingly unlimited knowledge! I think that you are also great at allocating time fairly and equally to the members of the group." -Sally, Surrey

"Your chairmanship ensures that all students feel at ease and able the benefit from contributing, listening and reflecting.I have never felt pressured or inadequate and your obvious love of homeopathy is inspiring. Iinitially I was disappointed that I was the only 1st year student but within a few months I began to feel confident.I have chosen you again for year two as I am sure I will continue to benefit and grow." -Debbie, Dorset

Feedback from Peter Hinde’s Body Electronics Retreats

you can visit Peter Hinde's website: www.bodyelectronics.co.uk

"Perfect weekend for anyone who really wants to face their demons. Thanks Peter for holding the space & the process so well. Fantastic to eat well, sleep well & process profoundly."

"This weekend is a spring board that has brought much yearned for impetus into my life and thanks to the glimpse of freedom and joyous lucidity provided I am able to embrace experience -the experience that is life- with renewed zeal and with well founded enthusiasm. To Katherine and Stewart - it was the consistency of your hospitality and your attention, followed by dedication to all wants great and small that I most admired. It was a dear pleasure to visit an area so charged with inspiration and beauty; and a lot of fun being part of a group of kind hearted people. Lastly thanks and respect to Peter for all that he has shown me. Best Wishes All Ways." -JM, Ireland

"Thank you Katherine & Stewart for your thoughtfulness in taking care of us. The course, what can I say, I hope I never lose the new concept of awareness and of the ability to love, which I have gained & only hope I can expand on that from the small perception, which I have... Peter, I thank you for the wonderful light you illuminate & in you sharing it, I hope one day I will be able to do that too every day." -DB, Bristol

Feedback from Katherine’s Yoga classes

"I don't feel pressured or hurried. It is within my limits, I am not afraid because I am being sensitively, intelligently and respectfully handled." -JM, Devon

"I feel helped physically and mentally." -SD, Devon

"When I first started yoga classes I had a very painful shoulder which had little or no mobility. After a few months of yoga my shoulder had improved immeasurably. Thank you!" -AC, Combe Martin

"I am building up good physical strength and feel that my body is becoming nicely toned rather than muscly. I am finding that I deal with some situations more rationally because I can relax my mind prior to responding rather than leaping into things. I'm so glad I decided to take up yoga. I thoroughly enjoy it and am feeling the benefits." -JD, Devon

"Yoga has helped me with my health, fitness and flexibility and it's changed my body shape" -KE, Combe Martin

Feedback from Katherine's homeopathy courses

"Brilliant, very informative & really felt as though I learnt something."

"Very skilled at making new terms/ideas easy to understand."

"A belated thank you for all your input, experience & support in my first two years of tutorial. It was an invaluable period of time."


"A very challenging few days & a very rewarding experience! Real growth stuff!! Have felt cacooned in a beautiful healing energy, enabling me to feel safe enough to completely 'Let go'. Thank you SO much for all the care, support, understanding, nurturing, tasty food, stimulating conversation & everything else. Much love and blessings to you both, & to everyone who is guided to this special healing space." JV Devon

Our Local beach: Wild Pear Beach, up the hill behind Cranleigh House and down the other side.....