Great Health! RELAX and ENJOY! LOVE your SELF!

Wonderful therapies to support you through your healing journey or prepare you for your camino.

 Forms of therapy available at Cranleigh House:

Various types of Massage including Aromatherapy & Indian Head, Flower Essences &  Repatterning Healing, Reflexology, Healing and More.

All these complimentary therapies are available at Cranleigh House and there are more available, five minutes walk away, at our wonderful new village Charity Support venue: The Heart Centre, Tel 01271883541

 All Therapies COST: £40-£45 an hour


  Thirty minute Healing sessions are offered at Cranleigh House by Cranleigh House Healers: Stewart & Katherine . Any donations for the upkeep of our sanctuary are gratefully received.


Why not book a Homeopathy or 'Camino, orientation' consultation with Katherine to give your body/mind an MOT before your peace walk?  Cost: £50 an hour, £30 for half an hour at Cranleigh House. Consultations by phone or on skype are £1 a minute.

                 Cranleigh House Practitioners:                                     

                                                  Katherine Cranleigh House Devon         Stewart Johnston Cranleigh House Devon

Katherine Armitage MLCHom & Stewart Johnston

Katherine Armitage: Homeopathy


Homeopathy, Healing, Naturopathy, Flower Essences, Kundalini & Sivananda Yoga

detox,cleanse,calming weekend,escape,yoga,meditation,homeopathy,therapy,vegetarian,vegan,relaxation retreat,devon ,UK yoga, healing, cleanse, detox, retreat, devon, UK

Katherine is a qualified & passionate Kundalini and Sivananda Yoga teacher & loves these modalities of yoga. She works with Homeopathy, Naturopathy and Flower Essences. She is a healer using the George King Technique.

She offers 'Camino Orientation Consultations' which are a mix of all the above therapies depending on the needs of each individual. Cost £50 per hour, £30 for a half hour in Devon. Phone and Skype consultations are £1 a minute.

I have been using yoga, homeopathy & natural healing systems for transformation for 20 years. Having been fully dosed with antibiotics as a child and watching my mother die of Cancer when I was 18, I sought to find some answers to my questions about life and started on my healing journey. When my son was born in France 1987 I discovered homeopathy and I've been using it ever since. I taught homeopathy for the Lakeland College in London for 10 years & I ran a homeopathy practice from Health Foods, 757 Fulham road in London for 10 years as well.

I was brought up in a beautiful old water Mill in Kent and I have always been inspired by the natural world and how it can help us heal. It is also a major reason for setting up Cranleigh House as an alternative B&B and Healing Centre in an area of outstanding natural beauty on the North Devon coast. I like getting groups of diverse people together, teaching, hearing their stories and learning from them and having fun. Other interests include, praying & chanting on Holdstone Down, playing tennis, walking  by the sea & rivers and making hearty vegetarian soups and salads. I am a follower of many great yogis including The Master Babiji, Sivananda, Yogananda and my main spiritual teacher George King.

A consultation with Katherine:

A full case history is taken encompassing physical and mental/emotional areas. Treatment can either be constitutional: looking at inherited tendencies plus all present issues and treating the whole or, therapeutic: aiming at managing distressing symptoms, with homeopathic remedies & other modalities, with the goal of understanding these symptoms as part of the whole picture.

The consultation and treatment are an interactive process with frequent feedback sessions to find out how your health journey is progressing.

I believe that disease occurs only when our internal environment is favorable for disease growth and we create our internal environment through our diet, life-styles, thoughts, feelings & habits. So we will explore all these areas.

What homeopathy can be used for:

Homeopathy can be used to enhance your health & wellbeing physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually.

What is different about homeopathy?

Homeopathic remedies, from plant, mineral and other sources are ‘potentised’ by diluting and shaking them many, many times. This distinguishes them from herbal medicines and takes away any toxic side effects so they can be used safely in pregnancy and if you are on other medication.

Many orthodox doctors, operating in a Newtonian paradigm, do not recognize the benefits of homeopathic treatment because they have not assimilated the quantum physics which underlies its philosophy.

 How homeopathy works:

Homeopathy is based on the resonance principle that like cures like. As with acupuncture it works on the body’s energy system, it works to retune your energy.

For example we use 'apis mel', a remedy made from bee sting, for soreness, redness or swelling (the kind of symptoms that you would get if you were stung by a bee) occurring in any part of the body. It is often a good remedy for the very active person, the proverbial: ‘busy bee’!


"Thank you for all your help, for fifteen years colds always used to go to my chest, this year I have avoided all that." -JM, Chichester 

"I had no idea how powerful homeopathy is, I have cancelled my operation." -TS, London

"My life was handicapped from birth through constant bronchitis.  I was given so many antibiotics that my immune system was also breaking down.

I met Katherine Armitage at The Mind Body Spirit Festival in 2006 and I managed to capture a few moments to talk with her about homeopathy.  She was able to give me some tablets having heard my story.

 Now, through homeopathy my life has turned around, and my lungs are stronger than ever, breathing in all the fresh air they can! My lung capacity is brilliant for my age group and I visit the gym three times a week instead of the doctor’s surgery!

 Through constant discussion about various symptoms and emotions with Katherine, she prescribes remedies that release my ailments.  These remedies allow my emotions and mental obsessions to become recognizable and then they can pass me by. 
With my every breath I say Thank You for Homeopathy…and of course to Katherine, for my longer healthier life…

-WS, Stratford

I have used homeopathy with all kinds of health issues. I enjoy working with a wide variety of people. I do follow up telephone consultations to give people extra support through challenging times and to prescribe for acute illnesses.

Telephone & Skype Consultations:

I have always worked a lot on the phone but since I moved most of my practice from London to Devon I find it useful to give consultations on the phone. It is practical, flexible, time saving and often cheaper for people to talk to me, on the phone, rather than to come and see me or for me to go & see them. It also means that I can work with people who live a long way away or abroad. I work  fast and I enjoy acute prescribing, so sometimes a 10 minute consultation will be able to offer you what you need.


Homeopathy, Flower Essences in Devon:  1 hour: £50.  half hour: £30

Discounts are available for children & pensioners

Telephone Consultations are £1 a minute: convenient & time saving.  Please call  01271889325 to book an appointment.

You can decide how long you want to speak for. A first consultation is usually 45 minutes or an hour so that you have time to describe what is going on. After that follow ups can be 15 minutes, half an hour or an hour depending on how much time you need. It also means that you can speak to me every week for 10 minutes , for example, if you want ongoing support.

Katherine consultations are also specifically for people who would like to walk a Peace Camino, to help them to optimise their health for their journey. You can take remedies with you to help with aches and pains etc. Homeopathy is magic!


Healer/Reiki practitioner, Kundalini Yoga teacher, Indian Head Massage

I started my spiritual journey over many years ago, learning Transcendental Meditation and I have been practising since then. Inbetween times I have raised a family and worked as an aircraft engineer, all the while continuing my spiritual quest to explore the frontiers of metaphysics and avenues to improve my health and other peoples . I am an active student of Yoga, a healer and a trained Kundalini Yoga teacher. 

 Stewart is our environmental magician. He keeps things working and finds practical solutions for everyday problems like broken taps or window frames, he has an enormous tool cupboard and he has a tool for everything.

yoga, detox, cleansing, holiday, devon, UK He is the chief gardener and vegetable grower, clearing, planting and creating. He is the energy behind Mother Earth's Minerals, supplying quality basalt rock dust to organic farmers and gardeners to grow strong mineralised crops, plants and flowers that are pest and drought resistant.
 His interests include finding drift wood on the beach, chopping it up to keep the log pile high and lighting the wood burner on winter evenings to enjoy. He has also taken up surfing, climbing local hills and spending time with his grand daughters and he keeps our guests & course participants informed on a range of subjects from natural cures for many ailments to growing well mineralised vegetables.



 Cranleigh House Healing Testimonials:

"I felt good after my healing. It was a really lovely break for us & especially coming to Cranleigh House, which was so interesting. We thank you for all your willing help with things as diverse as cholesterol, crabbing and the Master's of Healing!"

"Thank you for all your kindness and advice ... Thank you so much for talking to me today-that in itself was a tonic. I read about ignatia in my book and it fits my symptoms to a T. I am looking forward to taking it. It will be a good one to keep in the cupboard for when my next wave of 'frustrated housewife' hits me, Thank you for helping me out again...." -AS, Essex

"Such a good talk with you...I'm so glad I called ... All the positive affirmations REALLY made a big difference to working and my attitude was strong and positive. It was great-Thank you so much" - MF, London



Liz Lillicrap, Medical Herbalist. Tel. 01271882179

Karen Vogelin, Massage, Reflexology & Sound Gong Therapist Tel. 07969564528 is Karen's Massage & Beauty Treatment Centre in Ilfracombe.

Jo Farhan, Healing, Massage & Reflexology Therapist, Counsellor. Tel. 07837943905

Heidi White, Massage & Reflexology Therapist Tel. 07769710127

Heather Holt, Healing, Cranial Sacral Therapist, Interfaith Minister.

Susie Fevin, Hot Stone & other Massage & Facials Tel: 07704897709

 Kali Tammick, Healing -Energy Repatterning  Tel 07519952040

Karen Black: Clinical Supervision, Counselling and Life Coaching:  Karen Black's website

Healing Art at Cranleigh House

Many of the art works at Cranleigh House are for sale.

Our inspiring 'Art Partners' are:

Eleana Oceanheart, Maui, Hawaii

She can be contacted on:

Eleana’s work is a testimony to the joyful and loving soul that she is. As a natural medium of higher energies, each and every brushstroke that she imparts onto the canvas conveys not only colourful vibrancy,  but also the energy vibration of her source. Each piece emanates an extraordinary moving energy which i believe she is chanelling into this dimension for the healing benefit of all Beings. I have here “Heart of the Ocean” in my therapy room, which was channelled from Dolphin Energy – and all who visit feel this living and breathing connection. Her pictures are flowing with healing love and joyful communication to all who open themselves to them. Heather Holt – Interfaith Minister, North Devon.

Robert Andrew

Rob is an inspired artist who painted the large visionary painting of 'The Master Jesus' in Cranleigh House Sanctuary as well as a beautiful portrait of George King, the mountaineering Yogi, on Mount Baldy in the United States. Rob can paint virtually anything from stunning landscapes & portraits to sublime angels. Many people have admired his work at Cranleigh House.

He can be contacted on

Kate Boxer

Is a very gifted artist whose humorous animal prints lighten up the Cranleigh House sitting room.

She can be contacted on

detox,cleanse,calming weekend,escape,yoga,meditation,homeopathy,therapy,vegetarian,vegan,relaxation retreat,devon ,UK 

Cranleigh House, High Street, Combe Martin, Ilfracombe, Devon EX34 0EP Tel 01271889325 mob 07985928461